Thursday, May 28, 2009

So you think you can......paint?

We met at Sis Lisa's house again tonight and we had a GRRRREAT time! We might be few in numbers, but what we don't have in numbers we make up in class.....and talent. If you need proof, check out our projects we did tonight. We painted birdhouses. Everyone's was unique, just like our girls!
Interspersed with our painting frenzy, we listened to a little George Strait and checked out Margaret's new phone. We talked about the three challenges each of us was issued by the YW general presidency. They are: 1)Pray every day, 2)Read from the scriptures every day, and 3)SMILE! Sis Lisa told us that the problems or questions we are struggling with in life are often answered by reading in the scriptures.
Finally, we surprised Brooke with a "Welcome Back" cake and ice cream. Our YW meeting were just not the same when Brooke couldn't be with us!

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Crystan said...

I love you guys!! Hopefully I will be up there soon because I miss yall!! Maybe I will be there some this summer to come to those activities!! :)Right now Alma is here with us though so I don't know when the next time we make it up there will be
-Crystan Marcom